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September 02, 2007

The Roadmap Through Hell

The Roadmap Through Hell

For nearly three years, I have descended into the fires of America's Hell, I have traveled the highways through burning cities, I have captured the silent sighs of cotton fields, I have seen the light streaming down through ominous skies, I have witnessed the apocalyptic ravings of Texan cowboys, I have been caught in the desert twilight when all seems forgotten and lost, I have seen it all and now I tell my story of America, just how far we have fallen since those Towers were breached, ash and smoke and fire raining down all over us, it never stopped, it never ceased to burn our eyes, filling us with dread and fear of an unknown force, a grave danger in the dark, lurking, ever-present, closing in around us.


Posted by the Secretary-at-Large at September 2, 2007 09:41 AM

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