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Cosmology of Hell

[The Profiteers]

they are the ones who have cook the books and hire their cronies to make a profit out of the trust placed in them by the people... what they have sold is justice

September 01, 2005

The National Nightmare

National Nightmare

They are saying Armageddon has arrived in New Orleans. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people have been transformed, altered... deterioration that knows no end. The American city that invented jazz, the crossroads of multiculturalism, is underwater and sinking fast. The Superdome football stadium is now a living hell, occupied by thousands of mostly poor blacks, who must find an existence amidst a squall of violence, rivers of excrement, and rampant disease. This truly is Armageddon in America.

The horror.

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September 02, 2005

City of Death


While the US can unleash shock and awe to "protect" the people of Iraq, the response to the disaster in New Orleans is a travesty. Thousands of people have been stranded without food, water, shelter. They have no place to go. They are wandering the streets while corpses float out to sea.

New Orleans has become a city of death and chaos... an American city is disintegrating into a state of hell.

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September 03, 2005

American Refugees in Their Own Nation


The reality of lower class America has been revealed: poor blacks from Louisiana, the underbelly of our nation, are being shuffled from one stadium hell to another – and now we call them refugees.

Political Flames

In Washington, Bush attempts to put out the political flames, but the truth rears its ugly head across our television screens, these people are refugees in their own country fleeing from death.

All the President's talk about spreading democracy and freedom to all corners of the earth is now so clearly a horrific scam, because here at home, we are witnessing a nightmare of neglect.

The politics of an already-charged Season in Hell have been overshadowed by the depths of the hurricane disaster.

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September 04, 2005

The Curtain Comes Down on New Orleans


The Great City of New Orleans, where music prevailed non-stop up and down Bourbon Street, where jazz was born, where funerals were once accompanied by the syncopation of wailing clarinet solos, where riverboats chugged up and down the Mississippi, horns blasting, where the pungent smell of jambalaya filled the air, where local hipsters sat at all hours of the night at Cafe du Monde, where drunken college kids stumbled down rain soaked summer night streets with Hurricanes sloshing in plastic cups, and where voodoo dolls and Mardi Gras masks lined the windows of storefronts... this magical city, like no other in America, that gave back so much back to the culture, has been destroyed, washed away, not just by Katrina, but by the forces of misjudgment, revealed so strikingly by the sight of 10's of thousands of poverty-stricken blacks left behind, stranded, in the Great American City of New Orleans where the curtain has just come down.

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September 05, 2005

Left Behind

Hell on Earth

There have been countless predictions. They cry out for the end. The quotes from Revelations... Hell on Earth. It has arrived... in America, in New Orleans, the Big Easy, the city of jazz.

They believe there is a better place... somewhere in the ether, beyond the suffering and pain of those who clearly, in their minds, weren't believers in the only Truth that will save us all.

Corpses float in the flooded streets. The poor, forgotten people of New Orleans have been Left Behind. Just as they predicted.

A self-fullfilling prophecy?

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November 07, 2005

Charisma Drains Out

As Arnold Schwarzenegger braces for elections in California, the former Governator is slipping, in fact his very life blood is draining, the charm, the smiles, hand waving, all rendered useless as his once charismatic charms have been neutralized by the tyranny of public opinion. You see, Arnold has abused those charms, he has used them to gain political power, and now he is just another aging moving star past his prime.

Charisma Drains Out

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December 11, 2005

City of Death

City of Death

Three months after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the neighborhood of the 9th Ward is a wasteland of debris and death. The bodies have been removed, but the carcasses of their possessions lie strewn across this forgotten place of destruction. Its inhabitants are now buried or cast off... never to return. What remains is a City of Death, no longer the Big Easy, a portrait of America – abandonment, waste and neglect.

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January 04, 2006

Strictly Business

They sell justice

Lucrative gambling transactions with tribal Indians, luxury excursions to Scotland, late night cocktail parties on board the yacht, they are the lobbyists, hard working men and women who keep our Government afloat in money and power.

They sell justice... to the people (in power).

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August 26, 2006

Presidential Paralysis

Presidential Paralysis

One year later... Hurrican Katrina continues to wreak havoc on the nation and its hapless President. This moment on Air Force One, as Bush surveys the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, symbolizes the impotency of his government's response... a sense of paralysis that permeates his ineffective actions on multiple fronts.

As the President floats high above reality in his perfect bubble, the aerial view may be spectacular, the altitude intoxicating, the service exquisite, but meanwhile, there is a burning chaos that eats away life on the ground.

He had better hope he never has to land.

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August 03, 2007

Crumbling Infrastructure

Crumbling Infrastructure

The hulking shell of Interstate 35W through downtown Minneapolis in a giant pile of rubble in the rushing waters of the Mississippi.

The cost of maintaining the war in Iraq for two years would be pay for the rebuilding of every bridge, dam, highway, and power grid in America. The fear of an elusive enemy fueled by our own arrogance breeds a more looming, menacing enemy, one that lurks here at home, that hides beneath our feet each and every day, the enemy that is the hubris and inability to invest our resources in decaying cities, the poor, the environment, and yes, those highways and bridges ready to plunge unsuspecting victims into the abyss.

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