"After four turbulent years serving the President, I took back the Department and made it my own." – Secretary-at-Large, Randall M. Packer

Zones of Descent

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Those who make money by trafficking in public offices, they make profit out of the trust reposed in them by the public

December 11, 2005

City of Death

City of Death

Three months after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the neighborhood of the 9th Ward is a wasteland of debris and death. The bodies have been removed, but the carcasses of their possessions lie strewn across this forgotten place of destruction. Its inhabitants are now buried or cast off... never to return. What remains is a City of Death, no longer the Big Easy, a portrait of America – abandonment, waste and neglect.

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November 07, 2005

Charisma Drains Out

As Arnold Schwarzenegger braces for elections in California, the former Governator is slipping, in fact his very life blood is draining, the charm, the smiles, hand waving, all rendered useless as his once charismatic charms have been neutralized by the tyranny of public opinion. You see, Arnold has abused those charms, he has used them to gain political power, and now he is just another aging moving star past his prime.

Charisma Drains Out

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September 03, 2005

American Refugees in Their Own Nation


The reality of lower class America has been revealed: poor blacks from Louisiana, the underbelly of our nation, are being shuffled from one stadium hell to another – and now we call them refugees.

Political Flames

In Washington, Bush attempts to put out the political flames, but the truth rears its ugly head across our television screens, these people are refugees in their own country fleeing from death.

All the President's talk about spreading democracy and freedom to all corners of the earth is now so clearly a horrific scam, because here at home, we are witnessing a nightmare of neglect.

The politics of an already-charged Season in Hell have been overshadowed by the depths of the hurricane disaster.

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