The Department Vision

The US Department of Art & Technology promotes media art, cultural growth, the artist voice in reshaping public policy, and improved aesthetic standards for all Americans by working in partnership with business, universities, communities and art schools to:

– Build for the future and promote U.S. competitiveness in the global art marketplace by strengthening and safeguarding the nation’s cultural infrastructure;

– Insure that the artist as visionary, as social revolutionary, has voice in the national dialogue;

– Confront corporate control of mass media;
– Keep American media art competitive with cutting-edge science and technology through an unrivaled information base;

– Provide effective management and stewardship of the nation’s cultural resources and assets in the field of art and technology to ensure sustainable artistic opportunities.

The Department of Art and Technology touches the daily lives of Americans in many ways — it makes possible the utopian principles that transform our existence; it facilitates technology that artists use in the studio every day; it supports the development, gathering and transmitting of information essential to the virtualization of Government systems; it makes possible the diversity of artists and artworks found in America’s (and the world’s) galleries and museums; and it supports revolutionary doctrines for the communities in which Americans live.